In the classical language Sanskrit, Naipunnya means ‘expertise’ or ‘mastery’. Naipunnya, as the name signifies, aims at professionalism, discipline and holistic development of the student. The institute is unique in its approach towards professionalism whereby all get a platform to refine and mould their talents. Expansion of knowledge is an ongoing process here.

Naipunnya School of Management, Cherthala, a project of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly, was established in 2003 under the visionary leadership of His Excellency Mar Thomas Chakkiath. Within a decade of its establishment, Naipunnya became synonymous with academic and professional excellence.

Being affiliated to the University of Kerala, Naipunnya offers UG and PG courses, in four departments, with state of the art facilities like labs, seminar halls, sports equipment to improve both curricular and extracurricular activities.

With innovative and quality training programmes in Hotel Management, the department mould students into successful and vibrant professionals with an added competitive edge to explore all possible avenues in their disciplines. BMS Degree in Hotel Management offered has an excellent placement record in five star hotels in India and aboard.

The Postgraduate Department of Commerce and Management is one of the pioneering departments, which came into existence in the year 2005. It aims to transform students into professionals with subject competence and social commitment. The department offers courses such as M.Com Finance, MTTM (Master of Tourism and Travel Management), B.Com Tourism and Travel Management, B.Com Commerce with Computer Application, B.Com Commerce and Tax Procedure & Practice, B.Com Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

The Computer Science & Applications Department aims at providing high quality education and practical training in the rapidly changing technical and scientific field. The department offers B.Sc. Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

The Postgraduate Department of English provides students an aesthetic as well as critical insight into literary studies. B.A English and Communicative English helps to enhance the skill attributes in the curriculum and help the students with the same in everyday praxis. It also helps to focus on specific vocational skills and address the requirements of the language use in a globalized context. M.A in English Language and Literature would equip students to understand and appreciate literature and cultures worldwide, and to attain the human values necessary for living in the world.

The dome shaped backdrop signifies the limitless opportunities provided by the institution. The figure represents the eternal striving for perfection. The star underlines the varied and vibrant goals that one can endeavor for. The third letter in the name of the college represents a lighted candle, emphasizing that its role is to function as a beacon light, to lead the way to progress and excellence. The motto sums it all: the relentless determination not to settle for mediocre gains but to aim for the ultimate.

Naipunnya College always maintains to live up to her motto “to reach the unreached” which inspires every one of her inmates to aspire more and excel in everything one endeavors. The motto reminds one of the poetic sensibilities of Tennyson’s lines in Ulysses, ‘To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield’. The emblem of the college illustrates the motto.



Naipunnya College aims to be a national centre of excellence for value based, inclusive and holistic education and research, moulding our students into highly proficient and responsible global citizens.


• Accomplish intellectual and professional excellence by creating an insightful, facilitating and mentoring, yet disciplined academic atmosphere.
• Cultivate a spirit of inquiry, advocacy and scientific temper among the members of the College.
• Execute academic and administrative plans and policies in an environment of transparency, equity and fairness.
• Ensure maximum resource efficiency as a responsibility towards the future of the society in which we live.
• Enhance awareness about human rights, cultural and spiritual heritage, and the environment.
• Develop leadership qualities among the students to be the change leaders of tomorrow and equip them to meet the challenges of a world without frontiers.
• Leverage cutting edge technologies for dissemination of knowledge and for instructional methods.
• Create and maintain physical infrastructure which will support the Vision and Mission, and which will be symbolic of the College’s aspirations.

Institutional Objectives


In order to translate the vision and mission, the following objectives are set:

• To ensure equal opportunities for all.

• To promote research on new and relevant areas of knowledge.

• To organize events that foster inter cultural and inter religious harmony.

• To promote and propagate sensitization programmes on sustainable development.

• To mould a student community that is sensitive to traditional values and social concerns.

• To offer curricular and co-curricular programmes to keep abreast with advance in science, technology and development.

• To nurture leadership qualities that ensure transparency, democracy and accountability in its functions.

• To identify and execute academic activities that ensures qualitative change in education.

• To ensure adequate infrastructural facilities for the effective conduct of envisaged programmes.

 To introduce add-on and certificate courses exercising the freedom to design its curriculum.

Quality Policy

Naipunnya School of Management aims to develop an effective Quality Management System to gratify the needs of an academic system through effective teaching and learning methodology. We will continually improve the QMS through evaluation and constant updation in compliance with university, and other statutory and regulatory norms. Naipunnya School of Management is committed to foster excellence in Commerce, Arts and Science professionals equipping them to face the global challenges in the society.

Core Values

Our Values

 Our Values will set a framework for building and sustaining our College’s culture. We honour these values and hold ourselves accountable to them.

Dignity of the Individual — Respect diversity and facilitate members of our College to discover their multi-dimensional talents and grow to their full potential.

Freedom with Accountability — Freedom to seek the truth, of thought and expression while holding ourselves accountable for our actions and conduct.

Openness – Listen to other view points, and value and acknowledge them.

Pursuit of Excellence – Value superior performance and continue to strive towards achieving the unachievable.

Integrity – Discipline, equity and fairness will be the basis of all our decisions.

Responsibility to the Environment – Respect the planet we inhabit and commit to environmentally sustainable practices only.

Strategic Plan

View Strategic Plan 2017 – 22

Staff Council

The Staff Council consists of the Principal, Vice Principal Heads of Departments, IQAC Coordinator and one democratically elected members from the teaching staff. The Staff Council supports the Principal in the day to day administration of the College and coordinates various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in association with the College Union

Rev. Fr. Baiju George Ponthempilly

Exe. Director & Principal

Ms. Pushpa John


Mr. Vishnu G

Dean of Studies & IQAC Coordinator

Mrs. Mary P.K

Asst. Professor, Staff Secretary

Mr. Jinnat Mathew

HoD, Department of Physical Education

Mr. Prasanth Kumar M

HoD, Department of Commerce

Mr. Harikrishnan R

HoD, Department of Hotel Management

Mr. Vinod Chandran

HoD, Department of Computer Science

Ms. Shema Prakash

HoD, Postgraduate Department of English