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The Department of English, one of the oldest departments in the College, was established in 2005, and since its inception, the Department has been the hub of teaching and research activity, attracting a cross-section of students from all over the state.
The Department was upgraded in the year 2014 to Postgraduate Department of English when we were credited with Masters in English Language and Literature. Apart from a student-centered learning atmosphere created inside the classrooms, the department has also taken stringent measures to make sure  that the students undergo a holistic development throughout their tenure on the campus.

The Department envisions national development by facilitating the social, personal and intellectual
development of youngsters through improved communication skills.

The Department shoulders the responsibility of imparting proficiency in English Language to enable the students to acquire internationally recognized qualification leading to successful careers and social status.
BA English and Communicative English programme, which is a blend of a strong literature content with an equivalent content of communication – based courses, aims to train students to apply critical and theoretical approaches to the analysis of literary texts in various genres and traditions and synthesize language aesthetics and mechanics with various communication strategies for competency in professional
and social discourses.
At the Postgraduate level, the Department of English offers courses in poetry, drama, prose and fiction of canonical British Literature, American Literature, and other National literatures thus offering a good training for UGC-NET aspirants, and all those who are keen in furthering their research and academic output. A high point of our M.A. Programme is the research project that encourages individual initiative and independent study on the part of the students. Emerging areas of study such as Media Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Gender Studies, along with an array of specialized electives, make the M.A.
programme: a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern.
In recent years, Gender and Feminist Studies, Cultural Studies, Theorizing Sexuality, Travel Writing,
African and Caribbean literature along with a slew of communicative subjects have emerged as thrust
areas, inspiring inter-disciplinary and intra-disciplinary insights among faculty and students alike.
As the Department celebrates its 17th year, it has set a distinct path to get even better in its academic standards and commitment to the community and nation at large by its focus on varied academic
programmes such as seminars, conferences and symposia as well as national and international collaborations through various sponsored research projects. The Department takes pride in being one of the best Departments for high quality degree programs, affordability and career prospects.

Message from HOD

“That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The B.A. Programme in English and Communicative English offered by the PG Department of English is one of the most relevant and exciting subjects in this era as the media and communicative sector becomes even more diverse and dynamic. The Department is dedicated to moulding the students into knowledgeable, skilled, career-ready, value – guided and socially conscious citizens contributing to the progress of our Nation and the wider humanity.

Through a range of texts from literatures across the globe, BA English and Communicative English programme trains students to critically engage with diverse literature in English across the world in social, cultural, political and historical contexts. The programme intends to train students to apply critical and theoretical approaches to the analysis of literary texts in various genres and traditions and synthesise language aesthetics and mechanics with various communication strategies for competency in professional and social discourses. It also aims to provide students with opportunities to hone their communication skills in various professional contexts in a global environment that employs multiple modes of communication. While the courses cover a wide spectrum of skills for specific corporate and creative sectors, it also seeks to prepare students for higher studies in the discipline. Courses designed to equip students with communication skills include Presentation Skills, Academic Writing, Writing for the Media, English for Advertising, Technical Writing and Content and Copy Editing.

This generation of students are the first to live through a pandemic that has left them in digital bubbles. From this absence of physicality emerges a drive to define their own spaces of learning and to adapt to rapid changes. Now more than ever, language and literature ameliorate the human condition – it has become a life skill, teaching them to build mental fortitude and to embrace a positive attitude in the face of terrible despair. They will have the  strength to reimagine a better world and not to succumb to the uncertainty created by the question “ What lies ahead  for us ?”

The students are guided by a team of talented, committed faculty most of whom have had industry exposure. The programme prepares students for work in media related industries and gives them a comprehensive understanding of the world of communication in various environments and contexts.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”  so says Aristotle.

I welcome you all to our Department and let’s strive for excellence together.

Shema Prakash


Shema Prakash



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