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College Resources

Computer labs
The college has a well maintained Computer Labs. There are 3 well equipped labs. The computer systems are of latest configuration and working. The number of computers are 150 approx. The labs also have the facility of Projectors. In computer lab, students can invest their free time in learning programming, automation and to improve basic computer skills. That will help them later to define their career goals, entrepreneurship, and job opportunities.
Smart Seminar Hall
A well-equipped seminar hall with advanced sound systems and projector facilities that support proper training and lectures. Seminar hall is totally air-conditioned. It also holds instruments found in smart classrooms, such as quality audio-visual systems and microphones. Our seminar hall facilities can be accessed by both our students and faculties to cater to several uses such as – Presentations, Meetings, Workshops, Convocations, Conferences, Lectures etc..
The college runs hostels for girls and boys; these are owned and managed by the college. The canteen of the college also provides food in the hostel. The main aim of the college hostels is to provide a home for students, to help new arrivals adjust to the new environment, and to offer the right atmosphere for study and the interchange of thoughts and ideas.
College Bus
The need for the safe passage of each student to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel, the college has its own fleet of college buses designed as per standards. Besides ensuring the implementation of the safety norms, all staff on the bus are well trained in first aid and emergency management.
We provide our students with an excellent canteen that is modern and hygienic. The dishes prepared here are delicious and nutritious as well. Food items are prepared with RO-treated water. The canteen is provided with modern furniture and electrical automatic cooking and storing facilities, which provide hot lunches, snacks, and beverages to both students and staff at reasonable rates. It is well maintained with efficient service.
Store and Cafeteria
The college store supports the campus community and carefully selects educational items to meet the unique academic demands of the faculty and students. But the shop is more than just a supplier of academic goods. In addition to having shelves full of course materials, textbooks, and other related stationery, the store has a café and a specialized section. Students go there frequently to unwind, grab a cup of coffee, and build powerful bonds with the faculty and staff. Among the campus's solid communal centers is the college store.
The college has a fully functional gymnasium where students can have workout and practice sessions. The college also has a dedicated hall for practicing yoga and a visiting tutor to help with instructions.
Language lab
Naipunnya College can boast of a Language Laboratory which is managed and operated by the Department of English. This Laboratory is of particular use to the students pursuing the Communicative English Vocational Course. Language laboratory is an audio-visual installation used in modern teaching methods to learn the foreign languages. It is a technological breakthrough for imparting skills in English. The lab offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient way to enrich the English language learning process.
The college is equipped with two auditoriums . One is situated on the top of the academic block with a seating capacity of 250 members and an open auditorium with a seating capacity of about 1000 numbers.The auditorium is used for all major college functions including College Day, Founder's Remembrance Day, Founder's birthday celebrations, Cultural events, College's Founding Day celebrations, Union Valedictory Function and the College Convocation. It is also utilized for occasions such as students' assembly, wherein the entire college needs to assemble in one place.
Yoga Room
The college understands the prominence of engaging in this healing practice as it realises that the citizens of this world are in desperate need for a restorative lifestyle routine that can offer not just physical progress but also help them in uncovering the potentials of their mind through meditations. The students of the college are given proper awareness and regular practical sessions to convey the benefits of inculcating yoga as a lifestyle.
To full fill the motto and Vision/Mission of the college, Holistic enrichment should also be augmented with Academic and physical enrichment. The college chapel is open for all students irrespective of their religion on all college working days. Holy Mass is celebrated in the college chapel every first Friday.
Sports facilities
Physical education & sports play vital role in achieving the aims and objectives of Education. The students of Naipunnya college are provided with excellent facilities and encouraged to take part in the tournaments held in and around colleges. The college has a well-maintained basketball court, volleyball court and badminton court within the campus where students can have friendly games. They are also fully equipped to conduct sports competitions. Indore court are set at the auditorium.