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NRF - Naipunnya Research Forum

About Naipunnya Research Forum
Naipunnya Research Forum (NRF) is a platform for research aspirants, both faculty members and students, to share and discuss their research findings and ideas with a community of peers. The primary goal of a research forum is to facilitate communication and collaboration among research aspirants, promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and foster innovation in a particular field of study. Research forums may also provide opportunities for researchers to receive feedback on their work, network with colleagues, and explore new research topics and directions. NRF also offers the facility for presenting research papers at conferences organised by the forum.


To create a vibrant and inclusive research community that fosters innovation and excellence in research and promotes the dissemination and impact of research findings

To provide a platform for researchers, faculty members, and students to share and discuss their research findings and ideas, foster collaboration, encourage interdisciplinary research, and support capacity building and research training. The research forum seeks to promote the highest standards of academic integrity and excellence and contribute to advancing multidisciplinary knowledge.

NRF Committee

1. Fr. Baiju George Ponthempilly (Executive Director & Principal)
2. Fr. Chacko Kilukkan – Asst Executive Director
3. Ms. Pushpa John (Vice-Principal)
4. Mr. Prasanth Kumar M (NRF Ordinator, HoD, PGDCM)
5. Ms. Chinnu Mohan- PGDCM- Convener
6. Mr. Jophy Jose- HM
7. Ms. Lima Sabu- PGDE