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Nurturing the future generation

Naipunnya School of Management, Cherthala organized a highly informative and engaging Students Empowerment Programme (SEP) “NAIPUNNYAM”. This innovative programme aims to help students especially those from coastal and rural locales to develop their knowledge as well as interpersonal skills, social commitment and behavioural traits such as attitude, grooming and time management.

Nurturing future generation, the college started best practice NAIPUNNYAM focused on overall development of students through motivational talk series PRATHIBHA, Training series PRAMITHA and Workshop series PRABODHANA



PRATHIBHA- Motivational Talk Series:

It simply means that the series of motivational talks provide to student’s community in the college.  

PRAMITHA- Training Series:

Training session for students by industrial experts typically refers to a program where professionals from various industries are invited to conduct specialized training sessions within the college premises.  

PROBODHANA- Workshop Series:

Workshops play a crucial role in the career development of college students by providing practical skills, knowledge, and insights that go beyond traditional classroom learning  

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NAIPNNYAM Report 2022-23
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