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Media Club or Voice of Naipunnya, the radio station of Naipunnya School of Management aims to uplift the talented students. The aim is to entertain the college during the break time with different programs. Voice of Naipunnya conducts radio programs every working day of the college. The programs include songs, speeches, motivational talks, different announcements of college, and instrumental music. A plan is being formulated to organize a voice of Naipunnya Band by including the students who have creative and innovative ideas. Members are selected from each class based on their interest in radio programs. The programs are conducted in the noon interval from 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm.

Rev. Fr. Anil Kilyelikudi, Academic Coordinator – (Club Director)
Mr. Deepak M  , CSA – Convener
Ms. Priyanka G, CSA - In-charge-Voice of Naipunnya
Mr. Harikrishnan R , HM
Ms. Anna Stain, PGDE