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The Centre for Gandhian Studies exists to spread knowledge and understanding of the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. Its most important aim is to explain and demonstrate the continuing relevance of Gandhi‘s insights and actions today. The unit serves to promote Gandhian views to the student’s community through various activities such as; organising multimedia presentations, Debates, Organising camps for self-employment training and other social activities. Activists and thinkers of the younger generations in the world are looking to the alternative path that Gandhian showed, in the belief that his message and testament are of crucial significance to the survival of mankind. Many thinkers and activists in the world today have begun to turn to the life, thoughts and methods of Mahatma Gandhi to look for solutions that can take humanity in this direction. Many countries have witnessed popular movements for freedom, equality and peace which drew inspiration from the life and methods of Gandhi.

Mr. Krishna P C, PGDE – Convener
Mr. Nubin Bab, , PGDCM