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Performance appraisal is the process of evaluating individual job performance as a basis for making objective personnel decisions, Its objective is to motivate faculties to adapt and maintain a standard that leads to attainment of expected goals. Performance appraisal is an essential part of any forward-looking organization as they are necessary for every individual, department or an organization to grow, to recognize their drawbacks, to take corrective actions, to steer towards its goal.

4D faculty performance appraisal mechanism

Sl. No Parameters Points
1 Students feedback about classroom teaching taken by the Head of the Department 50/Sem
2 Assessment by the Head of the Department 50
3 Assessment by the Management Committee 50
4 Self-Appraisal 0

This policy sets out the framework for a clear and consistent assessment of the overall performance of teaching and non-teaching staff for supporting their development within the framework of the institution plans. The broad purpose of appraisal is to help them for their professional growth and development. The staff appraisal is evaluation of their performance on measurable parameters.

Performance appraisal for non-teaching staff

The non-teaching staff are evaluated by Asst. Executive Director on an annual basis. There is a structured evaluation form used to analyse them. After collecting all the inputs, the Assistant Executive Director will prepare a report and submit the same to Executive director. Executive director may ask the non-teaching staff to attend for a one-to-one meeting were suggestions and corrective actions will be recommended.

Policy Document
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